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“Eu tenho usado a mistura de óleos de hidratação do Johan desde novembro e minha pele não está mais seca! O cheiro é incrível e tenho reabastecido meu óleo com ele desde então. Os webinars sobre óleos essenciais do Johan são informativos e interessantes. Você aprende muito e pode usar esse conhecimento em sua vida diária!” -

Airi, EUA

“Eu estava vagamente familiarizado com aromaterapia e o Johan se ofereceu para que eu acompanhasse seus podcasts. Ele compartilha seus conhecimentos com paixão e pedagogia. Isso me permitiu aprender as especificações de certos óleos. Na verdade, as informações fornecidas por Johan nos ensinam muitas coisas que impactam positivamente nossa vida diária. Ele fala sobre os benefícios e os cuidados a serem tomados e como usá-los. Aguardo as próximas apresentações!”

Gilles, Suíça

« Johan has shared precious advises in the unknown fields of Ayurvedic medicine and most recently aromatherapy, during several webinars which he organized. The one hour session have been well prepared with presentations and details, which covered several essential oils at a time, revisiting its effects, its benefits but also its counter-indications. The webinars were interactive and allowed me to ask questions. I am glad I could attend and open myself to this new word of important health questions associated to the virtues of plants which we have so much to learn from. Thanks a lot Johan! » Mathieu R, Hong Kong

«My wife had suffered sleeping problem for years, and I got stressful as my dogs got sick sometimes. Though there are different kinds of oil in the market, which is the one that can pinpoint your needs and solve your problem. Johan has such knowledge and can provide you useful suggestions. The anti-stress and relaxation series of essential oils helped me and my wife improving our emotions and sleep quality.»

Tim, Hong Kong

«I wanted to tell you about the relaxation synergy.
Let’s just say that I’ve always had problems with my entire spine with everything that goes with it, not to mention my head. At first, I used it on my shoulders to untie them. It was appreciable.
I also used it in combination with a stone for a treatment. For a headache I had. Synergy on the temples, stone on the forehead. In 10/15 minutes I felt an opening what to do, everything, which relaxed, the headache disappears and a lightness appears. It was great!!!! We will say that it was during the period just before the certification, where, to change I put a little pressure on myself for nothing!! My brother-in-law also enjoyed it in massage following a crumpled muscle in the calf.
I thank you for everything.»
Céline, France